About Us
Sumitomo Forestry (Singapore) Ltd

Sumitomo Forestry (S) Ltd was established in 1987 in order to strengthen the sales in foreign countries (especially ASEAN area). And our registration number is “198702804R”.

Our company organized with a capital of USD102,012,249 and we are subsidiary wholly owned by Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd (Listed on the Tokyo Exchange). Our parent company is one of the largest building materials supplier in Japan. They have production facilities and distribution bases dotted around the world in North America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Our main business is intermediate trade of wood products with customers in third countries (except in Japan)through our worldwide sales network. In collaboration with our group companies which have factories, we can evenly handle the products of wooden board (MDF/Plywood/Particle Board/Sawn Timber etc) so that we can swiftly and flexibly meet the diversified needs of our customers. Based on this, our sales are increasing year by year.

We continue to add a new category of products in ASEAN in order to meet our customer needs.

Recently, environmental problems such as global warming and illegal logging have become international issues. In response of this, we obtained the Chain-Of-Custody Part 3.6 COC Certification Standard in 2008 in order to take action to reduce the efforts on the environment.
Company Outline
Established : September 1987
Capital : USD102,012,249-
Shareholders : Sumitomo Forestry Co.,Ltd. 100.0%
Line Business : Medium Density Fiberboard (“MDF”), Plywood, Sawn Timber, Particle Board, Logs, etc
Office : 1 Finlayson Green #07-02 Singapore 049246
Board Member
   Managing Director

: Tatsuo Iwagaki
: Tomomitsu Yasunaga
: Yoichi Hosoya
: Nobuyuki Otani
: Ryuichi Takasu
: Kaori Hasegawa
- Number of Employee : 14 (April-17).

Company History

Oct 1987
Set up an office in Singapore (registered as ”Foreign Company”)
Sep 1987 Registered of company as Sumitomo Forestry (S) Pte Ltd (“Private Company”)
Dec 1996 Become 75% shareholder of PT AST Indonesia
Oct 1998 Become 48% shareholder of PT AST Indonesia
Aug 1999 Change of registration to Sumitomo Forestry (S) Ltd (“Public Company”)
Sep 2000 Become 50% shareholder of PT AST Indonesia
Jul 2003 Execution of agreement with Nelson pine industries ltd as an agent
Oct 2004 Execution of agreement with Alpine MDF industries as an agent
Jul 2006 We sell the Russian logs to India
Jan 2008 We obtain the Chain-Of-Custody Part 3.6 COC Certification Standard
Mar 2008 We obtain the CERTIFICATE OF EXEMPTION under section 36(Moneylender’s act)
May 2010 Become 50% shareholder of Vina Eco Board
Sep 2010 Become 50% shareholder of PT. Mayangkara
Nov 2010 Become 50% shareholder of PT. Wana Subur Lestari
Jan 2011 Awarded the GTP (Global Trader Programme) by the IE Singapore
Apr 2011 Become 99% shareholder of PT. Sumitomo Forestry Indonesia
Jul 2012 Become 70% shareholder of Sumitomo Forestry (Vietnam) Company Limited
Jun 2014 Established Yangon Branch in Myanmar
Nov 2014 Become 49% shareholder of SF Holdings (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Dec 2014 Become 26% shareholder of Mos Lumber Products Co., Ltd. (Myanmar)
Mar 2015 Become 49% shareholder of Pan Asia Packing Ltd. (Thailand)
Jul 2015 Become 25% shareholder of DNS Asia Investment Pte Ltd. (Singapore)
Oct 2015 Become 2.5% shareholder of Phu My Hung Asia Holdings Corporation (Cayman)
Nov 2015 Become 26% shareholder of Space wood Furnishers Private Limited (India)
Nov 2015 Become 99% shareholder of Sumitomo Forestry India Private Ltd. (India)

Corporate History of Sumitomo Forestry (Singapore) Ltd.